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Расшифровка VIN-номера Ford Focus RS 2002

Identification Codes - Identification Codes Focus RS 2003 (09/2002-)
Description and Operation

NOTE: The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be identified by an asterisk at its start and finish.

The VIN for registration purposes is stamped onto the body on the right-hand side floor panel.

The vehicle identification number is also located on the VIN plate. The VIN plate is positioned within the engine compartment on the front body crossmember in front of the air intake duct.

The visible VIN (label) is fastened to the instrument panel. It is positioned close to the windshield glass on the left-hand side of the vehicle and is visible from the outside.

Расшифровка VIN FORD Focus RS 2002
Part Number
Visible VIN
Vehicle identification plate

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Расшифровка VIN FORD Focus RS 2002
Part Number
VIN position 1, 2 and 3 — World manufacturer identifier
VIN position 4 and 10 — Body type
VIN position 5 and 6 — Constant X
VIN position 7 — Product source
VIN position 8 — Assembly plant
VIN position 9 — Model
VIN position 11 — Year of manufacture
VIN position 12 — Month of manufacture
VIN position 13 to 17 — Vehicle serial number

VIN Positions 1, 2 and 3 — World Manufacturer Identifier

WFO Ford Werke AG Germany (European vehicles)

VIN Positions 4 and 10 — Body Type

CodeBody Type
A 5-door
B 3-door
F 4-door
N Wagon

VIN Positions 5 and 6 — Constant X

VIN Position 7 — Product Source Company and Assembly Plant

CodeProduct Source Company and Assembly Plant
G Ford of Germany
W Ford of Spain

VIN Position 8 — Assembly Plant

CodeAssembly Plant
GC Saarlouis/Germany
WP Valencia/Spain

VIN Position 9 — Model

D Focus

VIN Position 11 — Year of Manufacture

CodeYear of Manufacture
W 1998
X 1999
Y 2000
1 2001
2 2002
3 2003
4 2004
5 2005

VIN Position 12 — Month of Manufacture

January L C B J L C B J
February Y K R U Y K R U
March S D A M S D A M
April T E G P T E G P
May J L C B J L C B
June U Y K R U Y K R
July M S D A M S D A
August P T E G P T E G
September B J L C B J L C
October R U Y K R U Y K
November A M S D A M S D
December G P T E G P T E

VIN Position 13 to 17 — Vehicle serial number

Vehicle serial number

Vehicle Certification Label (Typical) or VIN Plate

Расшифровка VIN FORD Focus RS 2002
Part Number
Type approval code
Vehicle identification number (VIN)
Gross vehicle mass (GVM)
Gross train mass (GTM)
Maximum permissible front axle mass
Maximum permissible rear axle mass
Smoke value (diesel only)
Emission level code
Body color codes
Interior trim codes
Transaxle final drive ratio
Transaxle codes
Engine codes
Hand of drive

Item 1 to 6: Vehicle Certification Label

Item 1: Type Approval Codes A unique code required by legislation in certain territories.
Item 2: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Vehicle identification number.
Item 3: Gross Vehicle Mass Indicates maximum legal laden mass, in territories where this is required.
Item 4: Gross Train Mass Indicates the maximum combined mass of vehicle and trailer or caravan.
Item 5: Maximum Permissible Front Axle Mass Maximum permissible loading on the front wheels of the vehicle.
Item 6: Maximum Permissible Rear Axle Mass Maximum permissible loading on the rear wheels of the vehicle.

Item 7: Smoke Value (Diesel only)

CodeSmoke value
- -

Item 8 and 9: Variants

DAW 5-door
DBW 3-door
DFW 4-door
DNW Wagon
DAX 5-door with liquified petroleum gas
DBX 3-door with liquified petroleum gas
DFX 4-door with liquified petroleum gas
DNX Wagon with liquified petroleum gas

Item 10: Emission Level Codes

CodeExhaust Emissions
E 1504 requirements
Q 96 EEC
S 2000 EC
5 D3 emission levels
6 D4/E4 emission levels
7 Stage IV requirements

Item 11: Body Color Codes

CodeBody Colour
A Metropolis Blue
A Medium Harvest Gold
B Dark True Blue
C Colorado Red
D Machine Silver
E Radiant Red
E Oyster Silver
F Panther Black
G Amparo Blue
G Jewel Green
H State Blue
I Ink Blue
J Aquamarine Frost
K Magnum Grey
K2 Smoke Stone
L Capri Blue
M Pacific Green
M Techno Silver
N Diamond White
O Moondust Silver
P Pepper Red
Q Imperial Blue
R Bright Blue
S Citrus Gold
T Light Sapphire Blue
T Blue Print
U Vitro
V Zinc/Indian Yellow
W Juice Green
X Neptune Green

Item 12: Interior Trim Codes

CodeInterior Trim
AB Finesse - Midnight Black
AC Swift - Midnight Black
AE Leather - Midnight Black
AF Venice - Midnight Black
AG Amandine - Midnight Black
AJ Grain - Midnight Black
AK Match - Midnight Black
AL Waffle - Midnight Black
AR Racing Blue - Midnight Black
AS Harlequin - Midnight Black
AT Martre - Midnight Black
AU Bussac - Midnight Black
CB Finesse - Medium Parchment
CE Leather - Medium Parchment
CF Venice - Medium Parchment
CU Bussac - Medium Parchment
DB Finesse - Medium Dark Gray
DE Leather - Medium Dark Gray
DF Venice - Medium Dark Gray
DH Focus II - Medium Dark Gray
DK Match - Medium Dark Gray
EJ Grain - Ebony
GS Harlequin - Red
HS Harlequin - Blue
KS Harlequin - Green

Item 13: Transaxle Final Drive Ratio

CodeTransaxle Final Drive Ratio
B 4.06
G 3.61
H 4.16
L 4.20
N 3.41
U 3.56
4 3.82

Item 14: Transaxle Codes

Q 5-speed manual transaxle (MTX75)
R 6-speed manual transaxle (MT285)
W 5-speed manual transaxle (iB5)
2 4-speed automatic transaxle (4F27E)

Item 15: Engine Codes

A 1.8L Endura-DI/TDDi (55kW/75PS)
B 1.8L DuraTorq-TDCi (85kW/115PS)
C 1.6L Zetec-SE (Ethanol)
F 1.8L Endura-DI/TDDi (66kW/90PS)
H 1.6L Zetec-E (91 RON)
J 1.8L Zetec-E (liquified petroleum gas)
K 2.0L Zetec-E
L 1.8L DuraTorq-TDCi (74kW/100PS)
M 1.8L Zetec-E
P 1.4L Zetec-SE
Q 1.6L Zetec-SE
S 2.0L Duratec-ST (127kW/173PS)
T 2.0L Duratec-RS (158kW/215PS)
U 1.6L Duratec (91 RON)

Item 16: Hand of Drive

A; C; 1; 3; 5; 7 Left-hand drive
B; D; 2; 4; 6; 8 Right-hand drive


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