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Расшифровка VIN-номера Ford Escort/Ford Orion

Vehicle Identification Plate Location Escort/Orion 1991 (08/1990-09/2001)
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Description and Operation
The vehicle identification plate is located in the engine compartment on the front body crossmember. The codes stamped on the plate during production enable precise details of the vehicle build specification to be established. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may be checked through the front windscreen or on the B‐pillar.
From '98 MY a plastic vehicle identification plate will be used instead of a metal plate.
Расшифровка VIN FORD Escord Ford-Orion
The vehicle identification plate codes are explained on the following pages. These codes indicate details of vehicle specifications in respect of type, permissible loading weights, engine, axle ratios, body paint colour and trim details. They are therefore useful for part procurement purposes.
Расшифровка VIN FORD Escord Ford-Orion
(Box 1) Type Approval Number
A unique code required by legislation in certain territories.
(Box 2) Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Vehicle Identification Number location.
Digit 1: Constant asterisk - (*)
Digit 1 is a constant *.
Digits 2, 3 and 4: World Manufacturer Indicator
SFA - Ford Motor Company Limited, United Kingdom
WF0 - Ford Werke A.G., Germany (European vehicles)
WF1 ‐ Ford Werke A.G., Germany (Federal vehicles)
UNI - Henry Ford and Son Limited, Ireland
XLC - N.V. Nederland Ford, Netherlands
VS6 - Ford Espana S.A., Spain
TW2 - Ford Lusitana S.A.R.L., Portugal
9BF - Ford Brazil
Digits 5 and 11: Model Variant
AA – 5‐door saloon
AB – 3‐door saloon
AF – 4‐door saloon
AL – Cabriolet
AN – 3/5 door wagon
AM – Cosworth
AV – Van
Digits 6 and 7: Constant XX
Digits 6 and 7 have a constant XX.
Digit 8: Product Source Company
B - Ford of Britain - Own assembly
G - Ford of Germany - Own assembly
C - Ford of Britain - Affiliated Company assembly
E - Ford of Germany - Affiliated Company assembly
W - Ford of Spain - Own assembly
L - Ford of Brazil - Own assembly
Digit 9: Assembly Plant
A - Dagenham/Cologne/Ipiranga
B - Halewood/Genk/So Bernado
C - Langley/Saarlouis
K - Rheine
N - Amsterdam
P - Valencia/Azambuja
S - Setubal
Digit 10: Model Range
A - Escort
B - Mondeo/Cougar
F - Fiesta
E - Puma
G - Scorpio
R - Ka
W - Galaxy
Digit 12: Year of Manufacture
N – 1992
P – 1993
R – 1994
S – 1995
T – 1996
V – 1997
W - 1998
X - 1999
Y - 2000
Digit 13: Month of Manufacture
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Jan C B J L C B
Feb K R U Y K R
Mar D A M S D A
Apr E G P T E G
May L C B J L C
Jun Y K R U Y K
Jul S D A M S D
Aug T E G P T E
Sep J L C B J L
Oct U Y K R U Y
Nov M S D A M S
Dec P T E G P T
Digit 14 - 18: Vehicle Sequence Number
Five digits.
Digit 19: Constant asterisk - (*)
Digit 1 is a constant *.
(Box 3) Gross Vehicle Mass
Indicates maximum legal laden mass, in territories where this is required.
(Box 4) Gross Train Mass
Indicates the maximum combined mass on vehicle and trailer or caravan.
(Box 5) Permitted Front Axle Loading
Maximum permissible load on the front axle of the vehicle.
(Box 6) Permitted Rear Axle Loading
Maximum permissible load on the rear axle of the vehicle.
(Box 7) Steering
Code 1 A 2 B
Drive Left‐hand drive Right‐hand drive
(Box 8) Engine
Code Type Capacity Litres Power kW (DIN)
CK or G Zetec/I‐4 CFI 1.6 90
FU CVH/I‐4 2V 1.4 55
F4 or A CVH/I‐4 PTE 1.4 54
F6 CVH/I‐4 CFI 1.4 55
GU HCS/I‐4 1.1 40
JB or B HCS/I‐4 1.3 46
J4 or 4 HCS/I‐4 EFI 1.3 60
J5 Endura‐E/ I‐4 EFI 1.3 44
J6 HCS/I‐4 CFI 1.3 60
J6 Endura‐E/ I‐4 CFI 1.3 44
LJ CVH/I‐4 EFI 1.6 82
LU CVH/I‐4 2V 1.6 66
L1 or E Zetec/I‐4 EFI 1.6 66
N5 Cosworth DOHC and I‐4 EFI Turbo 2.0 150
N7 DOHC/I‐4 EFI 16 Valve 2.0 110
RD Zetec/I‐4 EFI 1.8 77
RF or D Endura‐DE/I‐4 Diesel Turbo 1.8 55
RK or K Zetec/I‐4 EFI 1.8 115
RT or T Endura‐DE/I‐4 Diesel 1.8 44
RQ Zetec/I‐4 EFI 1.8 95
RV or V Endura‐DE/I‐4 Diesel Turbo Intercooled 1.8 90
(Box 9) Transmission
Code Type
Q MTX 75
T Manual (4 speed)
W Manual (5 speed)
8 MT EAO/MT 75
(Box 10) Axle
1st Code Axle ratio
F 3.84:1
J 4.06:1
P 3.58:1
S 4.25:1
Z 3.59:1
2 4.27:1
3 4.19:1
4 3.82:1
6 3.12:1
8 3.56:1
(Box 11) Interior Trim
1st Code Colour
D Brown
D Pumice
H Medium Opal
J Grey
J Bluestone
K Blue
M Mace
S Raven
T Truffle
(Box 12) Type
1st digit 2nd digit 3rd digit
Model Body type Year Homolgated
A - Escort A - 5‐door Saloon M = 1991
G - Orion B - 3‐door Saloon N = 1992
F - 4‐door Saloon
N - 4‐door estate Saloon
V - Van
L - Cabriolet
M - Cosworth
4th digit 5th to 8th digit
Unique engine Not Used
T =Turbo
(Box 13) Version
Provision for locally required codes by certain territories.
(Box 14) Body Colour
First Digits
A – Black, Nantucket Grey
A9 - Bright Amber
B – Diamond White, Cayman
C – Verona Green, Amalfi Blue, Petrol Blue, Medium Graphite
D – Galaxy Blue, Mamara Blue, Java Blue, Panther Black
E – Burgundy Red, Dark Aubergine, Portofino Blue
F – Bahama Blue, Electric Current/Moondust Silver, State Blue
G – Flambeau Red, Levante Grey/Moondust Silver, Mistral Blue, Fleurie, Spring Violet
H – Tasman Blue/Moondust Silver, Imperial Blue, Autumn Green
IA - Medium Toreador
J – Pacifica Blue, Cuirass
KA - Vermillion
K – Tasman Blue, Tourmallard Green, Vermillion Solid
L – Aqua Blue, Mallard Green, Mica Stone
MA - Boysenberry
M – Bardolino Red, Smokestone, Boysenberry
NA - Aquamarine Frost
N – Polaris Grey, Dark Maroon, Orange Bronze
P – Radiant Red, Medium Willow
QA - Denim Blue
Q – Mercury Grey, Cayman Blue, Obsidium, Mid Taune, Belladonna, Denim Blue
R – Spring Violet, Sand Metallic
SA - Oxford White
S – Provence Green, Bahama Blue, Oxford White
TA - Medium Platinum
T – Electric Current, Jewel Violet, Windsor Grey, Medium Platinum
U – Aporto Red, Mint Green, Zinc Yellow
VA - Atlantic Blue
V – Balliol Blue, Ash Black, Atlantic Blue
WA - Pacific Green
W - Pacific Green
X –Nouvaau Mica, Mica
ZA - Ebony Solid
Z – Karelia Grey, Aqua Foam/Moondust Silver, Garnet Red, Zinc Yellow, Ebony Solid
0 – Matisse Blue, Ontario Blue
1 - Melina Blue, Magenta, Lavante Grey, Pepper Red
2 - Mallard Green, Wedgewood Blue, Chianti Red, Lipstick Pink
3 – Moondust Silver/Diamond White, Nordic Green, Juice Green, Loden Green
4A - Medium Harvest Gold
5 – Polaris Grey/Moondust Silver, Amparo Blue, Aspen White
5A - Deep Wedgewood Blue
6 – Moondust Silver, Columbia Silver
6A - Columbia Silver
7 – Bardolino Red/Moondust Silver, Light Grape, Coca Cola Red
7A - Cambridge Green
8 – Alberto Green, Medium Charcoal Green
8A - Amazon Green
9 – Firnwood, Tourmaline Green, Heath, Bright Amber, Black Solid
Second Digit
For vehicles built in Continental plants, the second digit of the paint code denotes the original model year of that colour's introduction, (`0' = colour introduction in 1990 model year).
For vehicles built in UK plants, the second digit of the paint code denotes the current model year, (`0' = built in 1990 model year).
(Box 15) Exhaust Emissions
Code 4 X U
Exhaust Emission Level 15.04 EEC 5th 83 US 93 EEC (Petrol) 87 US (Diesel)
Code 8 F 1
Exhaust Emission Level EEC 5th 93 EEC 96 EEC
(Box 16) Suspension (Transit only)
This box applies to Transit vehicles only.
(Box 17) Smoke Value (Diesel only)
This box contains a figure in the form x.xx which designates the light absorption coefficient.
(Box 18) Complexity Usage (Transit only)
This box applies to Transit vehicles only.


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